District heating network | Memmingen


As a company committed to sustainability, Buzil-Werk Wagner GmbH & Co. KG has also decided to connect to the district heating network in Memmingen North. The manufacturer of cleaning products is thus able to cover its entire heating requirements at the Memmingen site on Fraunhoferstrasse with climate-friendly heat and save 440 tons of CO2 per year.

The heart of the heat supply in the Memmingen industrial park is the heating plant, which generates environmentally friendly heat from regional biomass and has an output of around 17 megawatts.


District heating

  • Supply of the site (13,000 sqm) with sustainable and climate-friendly heat
  • Transfer station 1,000 kW

Heating plant

  • Woodchip boiler with 3,300 kW
  • 2 peak load boilers with a total of 13,000 kW
  • BHKW
Buzil Nahwärme