The new generation of welding technology

Orbital welding is an automated TIG welding process in which defined and documented welding parameters are used to achieve maximum process reliability and quality. When performing orbital welding, process reliability can be guaranteed in each welding position.

This process ensures that welding joints don’t come loose and is the best way to guarantee the most secure connection between pipes and moulded parts. The system guarantees maximum quality during the moulding process through integrated monitoring of the remaining oxygen. We can produce materials, particularly stainless steel, at various quality and surface quality levels reliably and within a short production time while ensuring that they are reproducible.

The fields of application are varied and include all situations in which a high level of quality and durability/X-ray safety of the weld seam are required. Areas of application range from the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, food technologies and biotechnologies, WFI plants and aerospace technology to automotive, energy and offshore technology.

The orbital welding process offers the following advantages:

  • High level of process safety and reproducibility
  • Optimum process monitoring
  • Short production times and changeover times
  • High level of efficiency