Wärmeversorgung Notzingen

Municipality | Notzingen

In future, the municipality of Notzingen will rely on sustainable heating through a local heating network, which will supply the gymnasium, the new fire station, the…

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Stadtverwaltung Biberach

Municipality of Biberach

Biberach town council has successfully carried out a comprehensive refurbishment of the central heating system to ensure a sustainable heat supply for important educational facilities and…

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s+p Samson

S+P Samson Kissing

S+P Samson is a leading company in the field of industrial identification technologies, specializing in the development of holistic identification concepts for production and logistics processes.…

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Dachser SE | Memmingen

Dachser has been relying on a sustainable heat supply for years. With the new warehouse, a fully automated high-bay warehouse, the company wants to…

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Mobile Dampfkesselanlage für TRIGEMA in Burladingen


The renewal of heat generation at TRIGEMA in Burladingen is progressing. A mobile steam boiler plant in container design with a steam system capacity of 4,000…

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Ritter Sport | Neubau Lagerhalle in Dettenhausen

Ritter Sport | Dettenhausen

For Ritter Sport we realized the trades sanitary, heating, cooling and ventilation for the new construction of the warehouse at the location in Dettenhausen on a…

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Trumpf Ditzingen

TRUMPF | Ditzingen

The high-tech company TRUMPF, one of the world’s leading companies for machine tools, lasers as well as electronics, is continuing to invest in the expansion of…

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Software company near Walldorf

Europe’s largest software company near Walldorf operates the central ROT07 combined heat and power plant at the St. Leon-Rot site to generate electricity, heating and air-conditioning…

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Sanierung Energiezentrale | KWA Parkstift Rosenau Konstanz

KWA Parkstift Rosenau

At the KWA Parkstift Rosenau in Constance, the heat supply system with distribution and hot water preparation was refurbished. For this purpose, the old systems in…

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