Combined heat and power plants are particularly well suited to buildings that have a year-round and simultaneous need for a great deal of electricity, heat and cooling. In addition, the supply from the combined heat and power plant conserves resources thanks to the high overall efficiency. Planning reliability is optimised thanks to remote monitoring and the lack of dependency on the energy utility company.

We offer you customised trigeneration solutions for 250 kWel or higher. The motors can be operated with biogas, landfill gas, natural gas, wood gas or other special gases. Our services range from supplying the combined heat and power plant module to installing the complete turnkey system.

A mobile and decentralised energy container is the perfect solution for implementation at any location. We plan, design and manufacture quickly, without major construction effort, and using a modular system for flexible adaptation to your requirements.

Use of combined heat and power plants:

  • Office buildings, hotels, residential facilities, water parks and swimming pools
  • Hospitals, residential care facilities and homes for the elderly
  • Trucking companies, refrigerated warehouses
  • Central local and remote heating systems
  • Decentralised power supply
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