Energy systems for the future

in modular and container construction

Our goal is to provide you with mobile energy quickly, easily and reliably – and with the highest quality. Whether as a temporary solution or permanently: We offer you customized and efficient energy solutions for operation with regenerative energy sources, flexible equipment and installation.

When it comes to supplying commercial and industrial areas with heating, cooling, electricity and compressed air, sustainability, security of supply and a flexible setup are crucial. Particularly when it comes to supplying heat to residential quarters and new development areas, the trend is moving away from individual heating systems toward regenerative and centralized concepts.

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Master Container: 14.05.2021

Mobile heating centers in

Container construction

for rent, purchase of hire-purchase: flexible, available at short notice and permit-free

Energiezentralen für Industrie

Energy centers for industry and commerce

Heat, cold, electricity and compressed air

Energiezentrale Nahwärme

Energy centers for local and district heating

Residential quarters and commercial areas, incl. network and transfer station


Manifold, pump and

hydraulic modules

for heat and cold

The flexible solution

Modular systems for energy systems are satisfying the growing environmental protection requirements and changing applications.

Fast, simple and standardised – adaptable component systems with high quality and consistent standards. The container-style design of mobile power stations provides the optimum solution: complex technology, shorter construction time, replacement, addition and cost transparency – and it is all compact.

The industrial prefabrication and the expertise in 3D planning and design guarantee maximum quality. That saves you time and gives you the certainty of being able to respond quickly to modified requirements.
The only constant in life is change! With this in mind, we focus on innovative energy.

At our Green Factory, we provide you with extensive manufacturing and production services for mobile power stations designed as containers.

Our solutions are your benefits: quality assurance, time savings, process optimisation and sustainability.
With CO2-neutral production.

The mobile, decentralised energy container is the perfect solution for implementation at any location. We plan, design and manufacture quickly, without major construction effort, and using a modular system for flexible adaptation to your requirements.

Power stations designed as containers provide the following advantages:

  • They enable refrigeration, heat generation and power generation
  • All power classes can be implemented as a container-type design
  • Short construction time of 2-6 months, depending on the model and dimensions
  • Commissioning takes place approximately 1 week after delivery
  • Cost-effective alternative to construction of a building
  • High quality thanks to an ideal work environment at our production facility in Ungerhausen
CAD planning and plant engineering
Container construction for Viessmann in Ungerhausen