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Overview of hired equipment

Thanks to our large selection of mobile equipment, you will find temporary solutions for any requirement. Please find our data sheets of mobile equipment in a comprehensive overview.

Mobile Geräte zum Mieten und Kaufen

Construction site & hall heating

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Refrigeration systems

Mobile heating stations

Heating stations

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Hot-water generation

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Heating stations for purchase

Henceforth we offer our four most popular heating stations also for purchase. For a longer use of hired equipment or for a final solution, the purchase is worth an economic consideration.

We will be happy to advise you without obligation!

• Consulting
What equipment do you need for your requirement? What accessories? What are the technical requirements?

• Availability
What equipment do you need? When and for how long?

• Costs
What will it cost you? One-time and during the operating time.


Our Service team gives you expert advice and promptly provides you with the ideal solution for your application.

Extension: +49 8331 9448-49

Buy our products from the section “hired heating stations” in your own design with your company logo and corporate design.
Benefit from constant operational readiness and excellent customer service.
Whether 1,950 kW or 90 kW. We have exactly the right device for your assignement.

Our hiring service allows us to provide you with equipment from our equipment park on a short-term and flexible basis. This is our way of providing you with economical and cost-effective solutions for temporary use. We also supply the right connectors and accessories.

Check out our Alois Müller story: “Mobile heating stations – BEST FRIENDS” to get an exciting look at the possible applications of our hired equipment.
You can download a separate data sheet for the selected product or an overview of all products.