Air-conditioning unit in private household

A healthy climate in your living space

Healthy and fresh air in your house is all-important for your well-being and comfortable life at home.

New energy-related standards for home construction are resulting in homes being built more airtight all the time, preventing adequate air exchange.

We explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the respective ventilation systems with regard to the planning effort, installation, characteristics and properties of the various systems and how to deal with them.

Air-conditioning is playing an ever greater role in private homes also. For example, small split air-conditioning units enable a pleasant room climate even in poorly insulated attic apartments.

We always have energy in focus and design your system for maximum energy efficiency while putting your needs front and centre.
In each of our service areas: design and planning, implementation, maintenance and service.
We take pains to ensure the high quality of system components just as much as outstanding ease of maintenance.