Manifold welding of Müller production

From planning to assembly

Continuous technical evolution in energy systems, as well as increasing requirements for environmental protection, bring about the search for answers.
We gladly face these challenges and produce pipes for various energy systems. In doing so, we place great importance on making sure our skilled personnel handle everything from planning to installation. This enables us to fulfil new requirements as well as strict safety and quality standards while also responding quickly. If necessary, we offer a delivery time of just 12 to 48 hours.

In our manifold fabrication, we focus on ensuring an optimal surface and volume ratio so that the energy transfer surface area is kept to a minimum.

This allows us to save energy, as does the complete separation of the forward and return flow. In planning, we also ensure optimum utilisation of space. Our refrigeration pipe coating in accordance with AGI Worksheet Q 151 is corrosion protection in line with the latest state of the art of technology.

  •  Process audit
  • Approval in accordance with DGR – Category 2
  • Pipe bending with NC-controlled pipe bending machine
Heating manifold at the Green Factory production hall
Manifold production