A professional garden sprinkler system ensures optimally irrigated lawns and healthy flowers, brushes and trees. It also saves valuable time.

It does not matter whether you are watering a small lawn in front of your house or a public park: You need a sufficient water supply to ensure green grass, healthy growth and colourful blossoming. In addition, an expertly irrigated green space is protected against damage from drought. We design and install your rain guns, trickling tubes and sprinklers specifically according to your requirements. Using a requirements-specific, targeted irrigation system will save time, water and money.

Correctly irrigated lawn surfaces become significantly more robust thanks to increased shear resistance. High quality and, consequently, robustness of the lawn will also provide the perfect conditions for sports grounds.

The ideal distribution of the precipitation thanks to a properly planned sprinkler system makes it possible to reduce the sprinkling time significantly. On top of all that, selecting the right time for sprinkling will allow you to save vast quantities of water, year after year.