Green Factory

Energy efficiency in a new dimension

The Green Factory at our main site in Ungerhausen is the largest nearly energy-self-sufficient production and office building in the world. It has a symbolic character in the area of energy efficiency and sustainability while also serving as an example of making the energy revolution a reality.

It has already been six years since the Alois Müller Group built the first Green Factory to increase the level of preproduction and offer customers substantially higher quality. This strategy proved advantageous, and so it was only logical to take the next step in this direction.

At the Green Factory, we provide extensive manufacturing and production services for mobile power stations designed as containers as well as for power module systems. In addition, ventilation ducts and technical supply components for plant construction such as piping systems made of steel and stainless steel are manufactured in a CO2-neutral production environment.

Investments have been made in cutting-edge technology so that ever-increasing demands can continue to be satisfied going forward. Innovative high-tech systems, such as a paint finishing and sandblasting system, have been installed at the Green Factory. The office and administration building is designed as a campus, equipped with state-of-the-art training classrooms as well as a canteen for the employees of the Alois Müller Group.

There is also a particular focus here on educating and training young people. The production hall doubles as a training hall. At the location in Ungerhausen, trainees learn their occupations in a training hall for the plumbing and HVAC trade which is both state-of-the-art and energy-efficient.

Green Factory

Energy-self-sufficient and CO2-neutral

The Green Factory, which has existed since 2012 and has an area of approximately 4,000 m², was expanded through the addition of another 10,000 m² for production and storage areas as well as another 4,000 m² for offices, administration, training and the canteen. Covering a total area of 18,000 m² the Green Factory is supplied by a photovoltaic system with an area of about 10,000 m² and a total output of 1.1 MW. This system provides the Green Factory with 90 percent of the energy required for electricity, cooling, heating and compressed air. The last ten percent is covered by a combined heat and power plant. This brings the energy costs and CO2 emissions down to zero. Last but not least, the energy concept includes an integrated 200 kW pellet heating system.

Sophisticated energy management system

The heart of the Green Factory is the power station. That is where all of the plant’s energy management is controlled. An intelligent power supply network continuously monitors the power consumption of the machines and controls the switch-on times of the systems so that load peaks are avoided. Large buffer tanks and battery accumulators are installed so that the Green Factory and its machines are reliably supplied with energy at all times. These tanks and accumulators store energy for heating, cooling and compressed air as well as electricity. Excess cooling and heating energy goes into a shared network that also supplies energy to neighbouring companies.

Digital building services

For building services engineering, the Alois Müller Group fully relies on digital maintenance and servicing. All systems are equipped with what are called intelligent sensors, which automatically report any malfunctions that may arise. Networking all of the plant technology makes it possible to remedy faults centrally, modify all parameters and fully automatically start maintenance procedures. All data are digitally precise and completely recorded and can be immediately processed. The power and management station has all processes under control. Response times and downtime are reduced thanks to the fully digital building services. And the sooner you can respond to problems, the lower the risk of damage and expenses. This Smart Maintenance approach is fundamentally important in facility management at own Green Factory and especially for customers from the industry.

Green Factory
Power station in the Green Factory

E-mobility and charging stations

The Alois Müller Group relies on sustainable solutions in the area of mobility, too. The premises in Ungerhausen have a total of eight charging points for electric vehicles which can be used by anyone at no cost. Two of them are fast chargers, which recharge the battery of an electric vehicle within 20 minutes at up to 150 kW. The charging stations get their energy from our own photovoltaic system, so they are CO2-neutral in two respects. The electric charging station is in the immediate vicinity of the A96 motorway, which makes it attractive for all electric car drivers travelling on the motorway between Munich and Lindau.

Sustainable, resource-conserving production environment

Thanks to the Green Factory, the level of preproduction was increased, leading to improved process reliability and providing our customers with a high level of quality.

Visit us on site to see for yourself how the concept of sustainable, resource-conserving and CO2-neutral production environments can be turned into a reality.

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