KUMAS Leitprojekt 2020

Green Factory | The CO2-neutral Factory

Award: „KUMAS Leitprojekt 2020“ for „Green Factory | The  CO2-neutral Factory“ of the Alois-Müller-Group

Every year, the KUMAS – Competence Center for the Environment association honors three exemplary environmental projects. This year, the jury’s choice included the Green Factory of the Alois Müller Group. In the Green Factory, the entire production, manufacturing and administration is designed to be CO2-neutral. A convincing concept, agreed the KUMAS jurors.

“We are very pleased about this award, because innovative and active environmental protection is more important today than ever before. However, the changeover to resource- and cost-efficient production is less complicated than many people suspect,” explained Andreas Müller, CEO, at the award ceremony.

The background: industry and commerce are responsible for around 25 % of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany. In order to achieve climate neutrality, these emissions can either be offset at additional cost through climate-neutral projects or measures can be taken at the site to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced as far as possible – ideally 100%. The Green Factory concept implemented in Ungerhausen, which includes the use of solar power, sophisticated demand side management (load control), sector coupling and an internal smart grid, is a perfect example of how a CO2-neutral production environment can be achieved in practice.

“Our Green Factory is unique in Germany so far – but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Quite the contrary: The Green Factory concept can be adapted to almost all companies in Germany,” explains Müller. Companies who are interested in finding out for themselves can visit the Green Factory. “If required, we also present all components with the necessary key figures,” Müller continues.

Offizielles Leitprojekt 2020 Umweltnetzwerk, KUMAS, Preisverleihung

The Green Factory went into operation in summer 2019. Here, the Alois Müller Group manufactures ventilation ducts and supply components for plant construction, such as piping systems made of steel and stainless steel, energy centers in container design and energy module systems. More than 250 people work on the premises in the production and administration areas. With the self-produced electricity in the Green Factory, the Alois Müller Group also operates its own electric filling station at the Ungerhausen site, which is also available to external vehicles.

Further information under KUMAS Leitprojekte 2020 as well as on the CO2-neutral factory “Green Factory” in our Alois Müller story Green Factory | Best-Practice in Ressource- and Cost Efficiency and in the VDI (ZRE) film „The CO2-neutral Factory“.


Since its foundation, KUMAS UMWELTNETZWERK has been supporting environmental projects throughout Bavaria. Innovations for active environmental protection are thus made visible to everyone and promoted in their market launch. For this reason, since 1998 KUMAS e. V. has been awarding prizes for innovative processes, products, services, plants, developments or research results that radiate environmental competence to a special degree.

Innovation content, design quality and improving environmental properties have the same priority in the evaluation by an independent jury as the increase in resource efficiency. The award-winning lead projects will be presented in the media, on the website of the KUMAS-UmweltNETZWERK for one year in a way that is effective in terms of publicity at KUMAS trade congresses, trade fairs and network events.

Promotion of outstanding environmental competence

KUMAS has the goal of sustainably improving the quality of the environment, life and work in Bavaria as well as the economic performance of its members. For this reason, KUMAS has been awarding the distinction “Official Lead Project of the KUMAS UMWELTNETZWERK” since its foundation in 1998. Leading projects originate basically from Bavaria, have improving characteristics with regard to environment and resources and contribute to sustainable development.

Leitprojekt 2020 Umweltnetzwerk