Water Earth Air

Use energy from waste heat and water efficiently for heating and cooling with heat pumps. In harmony with nature – thanks to geothermal systems and heat pump technology.
Depending on the situation and job, a suitable heat pump system is used for every heat pump system: water/water, sole/water and air/water.

The performance range of the systems ranges from 5 to 2,000 kW and can be expanded if necessary. Another option is to implement a bivalent heating system. Here, the heat pump provides the basic supply and an oil-fired or gas-fired boiler is switched on automatically to handle peak loads.

Heating does not always take top priority. In some cases, cooling is at the top of the list. Process water cooling is an imperative in many branches of industry. The heat withdrawn in the cooling process can be fed back into the system elsewhere.

A variety of energy sources can be used:

  • Air – practically unlimited availability; minimal investment costs
  • Ground – by means of ground collector, ground probe or ice storage; highly efficient
  • Water – extremely high efficiency; necessary to ensure water quality
  • Waste heat – depends on the availability, quantity and temperature level of the waste heat
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