Air duct manufacturing

At the highest level

State-of-the-art control engineering enables us to meet your every need quickly and effectively and adapt fully to your individual wishes.
We ensure precision and careful processing of high-quality materials for maximum structural stability, heat insulation and noise-proofing. We carry out regular in-house testing of the air ductwork for strength and leakproofness in accordance with DIN EN 12237.

Air duct segments with an edge length in cross-section of max. 5,000 mm and a length of 1,500 mm are part of our standard programme.

We have integrated special features into our processes. If requirements include unusual lengths and cross-sections or increased stability, this is solved with corresponding profiles and reinforcements for added rigidity. The design engineering and production of custom components such as throttle elements, air outlets, low velocity devices and range hoods is part of our range of products and services.

We produce up to 65,000 m2 of air ducts a year on our production lines. Thanks to the outstanding coordination of our team, we can respond to all challenges in the project business, even on short notice.

Air duct manufacturing of the Alois Müller Group
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