Solid materials

Systems mechanic
Systems mechanics for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning technology install, service and repair water and air supply systems such as air-conditioning systems, bath tubs and showers as well as heating systems and renewable energy sources such as solar plants.

Metalworker with a focus in design engineering
You will work skillfully with your hands and produce and install individual parts made of light metal or steel that are usually customised according to customer specifications. You have the necessary technical understanding and carefully reference technical drawings while working.

Car mechatronics technician with a focus in car technology
You will work at garages in the automotive trade or automotive industry. You will equip, modify and retrofit vehicles, including some lorries, service and repair vehicles and explain vehicle-related issues to customers.

Floor tilers
You will install tiles, plates and mosaic designs on walls, floors and façades of baths, kitchens, house façades, terraces, swimming pools or labs.


Complex planning

Mechatronics technician for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology
Mechatronics technicians for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology plan refrigeration systems such as refrigerators, ventilation systems and air-conditioning systems for private households, industrial companies or the medical industry. They install various components, lay pipes and electrical lines and instruct customers on how to use them.

Electronics technician for energy and building services engineering
Electronic technicians for energy and building services engineering equip buildings with electronics. As an electronics technician, you will install power supply systems, lighting systems and regulation and control systems such as air-conditioning systems and heating systems.

Industrial engineering electronics technicians
Industrial engineering electronics technicians install electrical components and systems in state-of-the-art building systems. Maintenance is just as much a part of the job description as programming, configuration and testing of the systems.

Technical system planner for supply and equipment engineering
Technical system planners for supply and equipment engineering plan heating and lighting systems, sanitary facilities and air distribution systems. As a technical system planner, you will create technical drawings, functional schematics and assembly plans.

CAD planning and plant engineering

Investing in the future

Training initiative at Alois Müller

Well-trained specialists who have dedication to and passion for their careers and team spirit are in higher demand than ever before! Day after day, we dedicate ourselves to this task and to educating the next group of talented new workers.

Our new training workshop is located in Ungerhausen near Memmingen. Innovative technologies can be created and learned from scratch in the great atmosphere of the large production hall and warehouse. One thing is clear: For a while now, physical labour has not been the main focus. That is why we enjoy putting our minds to work now and again as well. Our employees can tap into their creative potential and look forward to a safe and secure future.

Employees are also compensated generously starting on their very first day of work. All doors are open to those who want to receive further training and earn additional qualifications.



Industrial business management assistant
Industrial business management assistants support business processes from order initiation to customer service. The areas of application are varied and may be related to marketing, sales, logistics, HR management or accounting.

Management assistant for office management
Management assistants for office management work in almost all commercial enterprises in the areas of industry and retail, public service and skilled trades. Your tasks would be highly varied: In addition to office communication and organisational tasks, your scope of duties would also include accounting, bookkeeping, personnel management and customer support.

Qualified IT specialist with a specialisation in system integration
Qualified IT specialists with a specialisation in system integration plan and configure networks. You would link hardware and software components and give users the required training in these systems. You would also identify malfunctions and faults and expertly remove them.


Broadening our outlook

Dual courses of study

You can complete a variety of technical dual courses of study at our company.

In these courses of study, project-oriented training at our company is coupled with scientific study. The semester involves switching between phases of study and real projects. You will receive pay throughout the entire training period and will not have to worry about financing your studies.

Heating and power plant technology, renewable energy technology and developing environmental systems – these are just some of the topics that you will deal with during your studies and your hands-on work.

Taking part and becoming part of the energy transformation

Go green

Sustainable energy sources determine the market of the future. At the Alois Müller Group, you will see the latest innovations and technologies in use. From wind power to photovoltaics, from solar power to solar thermal energy, from biomass to combined heat and power plants (CHP) powered by biogas. We plan and install efficient, reliable and clean energy generation methods. And we primarily do this using biomass and geothermal applications.

In addition to building our energy-self-sufficient production hall in Ungerhausen, we successfully participated in the energy concept to complete numerous small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale projects. These projects include the Allianz Arena in Munich, the WWK Arena in Augsburg and even the noteworthy “Heizwerk Memmingen” (Memmingen heating plant) project. Yearly energy savings of 1.5 million litres of heating oil and 2000 tonnes of CO2 were achieved at this plant. The first step is vocational training with qualifications!

You will also be in good hands here in future. The industry offers a wide range of applications that are becoming increasingly more important: Health, environmental protection and energy (cost) efficiency. There are still plenty of steps to be taken in the transition to energy-saving technologies.