Self-generation of electrical energy with the help of the sun

We are your partner for 360-degree support

Conceptual design

Nowadays, the installation of a photovoltaic system is the basis for a climate-friendly and sustainable energy supply for industrial and commercial enterprises. Energy costs can be secured or lowered and the CO2 footprint reduced. However, successful implementation of photovoltaic systems depends on many factors, such as choosing the right concept.

Legal framework conditions and technical standards of the respective region must also be taken into account. Regional subsidies or feed-in tariff models can play a role here.

Together with you, we take the path to a sustainable and calculable energy supply and advise you in the first step during the conception phase and find the best solution for your specific needs.

We are also your partner for the creation of concepts for company supply networks.

We would be happy to look at the possibilities of energy storage systems in relation to your business.

  • Self-consumption optimization
  • Peak load capping systems
  • Emergency power supply

An interaction of these three factors is quite conceivable and possible.


Detailed planning

As your expert for a future-oriented energy supply in all areas, we plan the realization of your PV system in detail according to your requirements and the appropriate concept.

Planning a photovoltaic system for industrial and commercial customers requires careful consideration and analysis to ensure that the system meets the requirements and delivers optimal results. We are the right partner at your side. We have years of experience in supplying energy to companies.

Accurate determination of energy needs, thorough site evaluation, selection of the right solar modules, and careful installation, commissioning and maintenance are critical to an efficient and cost-effective photovoltaic system.

We meet the specific requirements of each project with innovative know-how and experienced specialists.

We plan according to the recognized rules of technology and always keep an eye on current technical and environmental developments, as well as economic implementation. This applies in particular to company supply networks of the future.

Implementation and construction

We have the specialists for the implementation on the DC side (installation of the PV system) and the connection of the photovoltaic system or the expansion or conversion of supply networks.

  • From pitched roof to flat roof
  • From facade to open space
  • From roof integration to carport (incl. existing building)

The combination of a carport with a photovoltaic system makes a lot of sense, since functionality and economy are perfectly combined and the parking space also becomes a power generator.

With a photovoltaic system on your carport, you generate your own electricity and can thus supply your building and your electric vehicles with power. In addition, you make yourself independent of rising electricity costs.

We are constantly in communication with the grid operators and also the construction management is done by our experienced construction managers.

For photovoltaic systems we are a contact in all matters.

Photovoltaik Carport

Service and maintenance

Regular maintenance as well as inspections of PV systems are important to ensure the optimal performance of the system and a long or safe service life and to detect problems at an early stage.

As a specialist in the field of maintenance and service for photovoltaic systems, we offer a comprehensive spectrum, ranging from the inspection of the system to optimization through repowering.

Continuous monitoring of your system by our technicians is also possible.

  • Modules
  • Cables and connections
  • Fasteners
  • Roof construction
  • Rewpowering

In addition, we are your partner for externally installed systems when it comes to fault diagnosis, maintenance and repairs.