Regenerative energy

Biomass in all its forms, such as firewood, pellets or wood chips, is a natural fuel that has been in use for centuries. As part of the effort towards environmental responsibility, renewable resources are a real alternative to fossil energy generation. You lose none of the comfort you are accustomed to, because our biomass heating systems are fully automated and monitored.

In Germany and other regions, wood is a domestic and regional fuel that offers you a high degree of supply reliability, which also makes you independent of fossil energy sources. The decision in favour of using biomass is not always an either/or, because a combination is useful in many cases.

Adding a wood-fired boiler to an existing heating plant reduces the costs for oil and gas significantly and pays for itself after just a short time. On the other hand, you can use a pellet boiler to handle the basic load and combine it with an oil or gas-fired boiler to handle the peak load.

Biomass can be used to generate heat and electricity. This makes it the most versatile of all alternative forms of energy. Moreover, its price fluctuations are minor, is readily available and is a renewable, CO2-neutral energy source.

Use of biomass:

  • Wood industry
  • Wood, sawmill and recycling industry
  • Recycling industry, scrap wood processors
  • Trade and industry, such as the food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and other industries
  • Local and district heating associations of communities and municipalities
  • Commercial gardens for heating greenhouses of all sizes
Biomass-fired boiler
Biomass-fired boiler