Staying cool

Today, refrigeration and cooling systems are an essential part of building services engineering.
They are fundamental to the daily provision of fresh food, provision of medical care and temperature control of special rooms, processes and products.

As always, we focus on energy for this and help your cooling system operate with maximum energy efficiency – whether for a new system or for increasing the efficiency of an existing system.
In each of our service areas (design and planning, implementing, maintenance and service), we focus on your requirements, and ultimately they decide whether customised solutions or standard concepts should be used.

Use of refrigeration systems:

  • Logistics companies (particularly the deep-freeze industry)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Slaughterhouses, supermarkets, retail stores
  • Bakeries and butcher shops
  • Process cooling industry
  • Hotels, kitchen operators
  • Public clients
  • Military and hospitals
  • Cooling for computer systems/servers
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Refrigeration technology for business clients