Optimum condition

Energy management optimised for maximum comfort, efficiency and durability through automation.

We rely on comprehensive automation to ensure smooth operation of your building systems. Of course, we use state-of-the-art technologies in this area as well to ensure convenient and versatile control of all your system components and the entire electrical engineering configuration.
Intelligent automation stations make sure that all information, data and consumption messages are in harmony with each other. Highly sensitive sensors and probes networked with room controllers and the building automation systems decrease energy consumption and pay for themselves in a very short time.
Extensive information about the function and any problems with your system and the associated timely maintenance and regulation ensure energy-efficient operation at all times in everyday use.


  • Switching and control systems
  • Automation, DDC and measurement, control and regulation systems
  • Computer-supported switching and control systems for energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Project and system visualisation, network-capable, with remote access via Internet
  • Customised control cabinets, electrical engineering components and control systems with conventional control, compact controllers or state-of-the-art GLT automation
  • Project configuration, co-ordination, fulfilment, installation and full service
  • Individual CAD circuit diagram creation / e-plan
  • Control cabinet manufacturing in our in-house workshop
  • New installation, updates and renovation measures in existing systems
  • Customer service, maintenance, repairs, energy cost consulting
MSR_MAHA Maschinenbau
Measurement Control Regulation