Under a lot of pressure

We provide you with professional solutions in the areas of compressors, compressed-air CHP plants and compressed-air conditioning.

In the area of compressed air production we provide screw compressors, stationary and mobile piston compressors and complete systems.

Efficient compressed-air conditioning provides for trouble-free and maintenance-friendly processes and ensures high product quality. Our perfectly tailored products provide you with an intelligent and optimum solution.

At most companies, the supply of compressed air, thermal heat and process heat are major expense factors.

Production facilities must be heated and products must be dried or heated for production.

In the industry of today, compressed air is used in numerous ways and makes up approximately 10% of the total energy costs. Conventional systems use comparatively expensive electricity for generating compressed air. In addition, an abundance of waste heat is created and goes mostly unused.

Along with our partner Bosch, we are providing compressed-air CHP plants which are driven by natural gas and are environmentally friendly as well as cost-efficient.

Furthermore, waste heat from the motor and compressor are reclaimed and put to use for heating purposes. In addition to substantial savings in energy costs, the CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 50%, achieving independence from policy-related framework conditions.

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