We move water

Water wherever you need it – thanks to plants and piping systems with advanced technology. As one of the market leaders, we are your competent partner: For small and large systems, private gardens and public installations, playing fields, green spaces, large-scale parks and open-air swimming pools.

We guarantee full service: From the best possible consulting and professional design and planning to on-time completion and maintenance. It goes without saying that we strive to ensure top-notch customer service and take your individual needs into account. Whether your goal is winterisation or recommissioning in spring – we’ll ensure that your system is functional at all times.

Water technology for fountains, artificial water runs and water gardens

Are you planning fountains for your garden, a park, the premises of a company or a public space? No matter the location – we take your requests and ideas and make them happen.

We move water: In the precise routing of pipes as well as in the creative field of water gardens. With experience, expertise and reliability.

Every water garden and every fountain is individual and unique: Some are designed in the spirit of the Bauhaus movement while others feature a playful classical style – creativity knows no bounds.

But the system does not truly come to life until we install the water technology, which inspires delight and creates a pleasant experience for onlookers – adding some fun and movement to everyday life.

What we offer:

  • Top-notch consultation on any and all issues relating to the water gardens
  • Highly skilled employees with years of experience
  • Planning of the required technology for all systems
  • Consideration of future maintenance costs
  • Assembly using excellent materials
  • Flawless operation of the systems for many years to come
  • Service and maintenance of the system

Irrigation (e.g. watering of trees)

An increasing number of trees along the roads are being damaged or even destroyed by influences such as heat waves or the salt spread on the roads in the winter. The efforts being made to irrigate them are no longer sufficient. This means that most trees located near roads and pavements are outright dependent on artificial irrigation.

This irrigation is often done manually, even today. Manual irrigation gets in the way of traffic, not to mention the fact that it poses a real risk to personnel.

This is why we have spent years developing the tree irrigation method used in Stuttgart, turning it into a highly efficient irrigation system for trees: It can be controlled using (fully automated) valve systems, which make it:

  • Outstandingly durable
  • Highly robust
  • Malfunction-proof
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Cost-saving because manual irrigation is not necessary

The tree irrigation system can be conveniently installed in pavements as well as in planting beds and raised beds to ensure optimal watering and fertilisation of trees. This cuts down on costs, saves time and makes any city or green space more liveable. What’s more, the Stuttgart tree irrigation system is equally suitable for trees located outdoors and trees inside buildings.


A professional garden sprinkler system ensures optimally irrigated lawns and healthy flowers, brushes and trees. It also saves valuable time.

It does not matter whether you are watering a small lawn in front of your house or a public park: You need a sufficient water supply to ensure green grass, healthy growth and colourful blossoming. In addition, an expertly irrigated green space is protected against damage from drought. We design and install your rain guns, trickling tubes and sprinklers specifically according to your requirements. Using a requirements-specific, targeted irrigation system will save time, water and money.

Correctly irrigated lawn surfaces become significantly more robust thanks to increased shear resistance. High quality and, consequently, robustness of the lawn will also provide the perfect conditions for sports grounds.

The ideal distribution of the precipitation thanks to a properly planned sprinkler system makes it possible to reduce the sprinkling time significantly. On top of all that, selecting the right time for sprinkling will allow you to save vast quantities of water, year after year.