Mobile warm-air heating systems, oil-burning or diesel-burning, up to 250 kW

Remko CLK | 70 to 170 kW

Remko CLK construction heater 70 to 170 kW The Remko CLK construction heaters bring the necessary heat to the required places for drying out buildings, as…

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Remko HTL | 180 to 250 kW

Remko HTL 180 to 250 kW The Remko HTL construction heaters meet all professional requirements. Starting with the stainless steel design up to the technically high-quality…

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Mobile warm-air heating systems, electric, up to 18 kW
Trotec TDE 25 electric heater

Trotec TDE 25 | 3 KW

Trotec TDE 25 electric heater 3 kW The indestructible professional heater TDE 25 was developed especially for the heaviest demands on construction sites as well as…

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Electric heater from Remko ELT 18 kW

Remko ELT | 18 KW

Remko ELT electric heater 18 KW Robust, safe and reliable are our portable electric heaters from the manufacturer Remko. The heating capacity of 18 kW is…

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Mobile safety oil tanks up to 3000 litres
Water-bearing fan heater up to 40 kW
Kampmann air heater

Kampmann | 18 to 40 KW

Kampmann air heater TIP 18 to 40 kW Air heaters are a simple solution for the optimal heating into all kinds of halls. They work extremely…

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